Travertine is a natural stone (limestone) that forms around mineral spring deposits. It’s natural beauty lies in its various earth tones and is a great material for flooring, bathrooms, counters or backsplash. Here’s some factors to consider if Travertine is right for you.

Reasons to Choose Travertine

Travertine is on of the oldest building materials adding an instant sophistication to your interior space. Available in earthtones of cream, beige, gold, brown, gray or vibrant reds, travertine will easily become a focal point of your room. An extremely hard material, it can stand up to high traffic and is not overly affected by water or natural moisture. Over time, travertine can develop a weathered look, which adds to its sophistication. Certain surface finish type may show/hide this better than others.

Sealing is Very Important

Travertine is a very porous material and can be easily stained if not cared for sealed properly. A dual sealing treatment using a penetrating sealer is highly recommended. It also does not have a very high heat retention factor. When used as flooring, expect a chill under your feet. Travertine tiles can be very tolerant of extreme weather fluctuations and are well suited for both outdoor and indoor installations. You can install these as pavers for your pool, your garden pathway or the retaining wall of your house without the fear of scorching heat damage. The colors of this material are generally restricted to earth tones.

Travertine is a type of a stone which is commonly used in flooring, countertops and backsplashes, with flooring being the most popular and successfully used option. Please be sure to ask one of our design specialists if this material is right for your project.


Choose from our variety of the most popular trends in travertine countertops below. We have many more travertine styles to choose from so be sure to ask your Design Specialist.


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