Quartz, or Engineered Quartz, is becoming one of the most popular choices for kitchen or bathroom countertops. It boasts many of the similar qualities of granite, such as beauty, appearance, and carries an “upscale” contemporary look requiring little maintenance. Below is a quick guide to explain why engineered quartz is becoming one of kitchen countertop standards.

Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops

Unlike natural stone materials, like granite or quartzite, engineered quarts (or just “quartz”) is a manufactured product. It comes in a much wider range of color options while maintaining the high-end, luxurious appearance many homeowners come to love. Quartz shares the durability of granite and quartzite but less susceptible to chipping or cracks – and is also said to have a “softer” feel to it, compared to it’s natural stone counterparts. Quartz is a man-made, non-porous material consisting of natural ground quartz stone, resins, polymers and pigments, making it very able to resist staining from liquid spills.

Contemporary Beauty and Value

Quartz has quickly become the biggest competitor to natural stone countertops such as granite and marble. Quartz slabs typically show a more consistent range of pattern and colors throughout and is easy to match to your existing, or new, home decor. For homeowners who love the look of light marble, but need the durability of granite, quartz is the solution. Sealing is highly recommended to maintain it’s appearance and stain resistance. It’s important to note that quartz is not as heat resistant as granite and will require the use of heat pads or potholders when placing hot objects on its surface.


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